Nikon’s Digital SLR Geotagger

Nikon GP-1 atop a Nikon D90 Hot on the heels of the P6000 with its built-in GPS, Nikon has announced a GPS accessory for its digital SLRs. The GP-1 clips to the hotshoe and has two cables: one that plugs into the new D90’s GPS/remote port, and one for the 10-pin PC connector for higher-end cameras. (If your camera doesn’t have a PC connector or is a D90, it isn’t compatible.) Like other geotaggers, it will apparently embed geolocation data in an image’s EXIF data. No price yet; MacCentral reports it’s shipping in November. See Richard’s take.

Geotagging has been available on Nikon digital SLRs for some time, just through third-party or DIY means. It’s certainly the first geotagger that embeds the coordinates in-camera without requiring a PC terminal, though that’s simply because of the new port on the D90. See previous entries: DIY Geotagging for a Nikon digital SLR; GeoPic II: Another Nikon Geotagger; Jobo Photo GPS; Another DIY Camera GPS Project; Solmeta DP-GPS N1.