iPhone Navigation Applications

iTunes application store (screenshot) My original plan was to write an entry about the navigation applications available for the iPhone and iPod touch by buying a few of them myself and trying them. As often occurs with my plans, that didn’t happen. In any event, the fact that I’d be using my iPod touch — no way I’m getting an iPhone, what with the lack of an unlimited data plan in my country and the fact that I don’t use cellphones much — would limit the usefulness of my testing: I could look at the pretty maps, but I’d have no GPS to test, much less cell tower triangulation. So, so much for that.

So instead, belatedly as usual, have a look at some other roundups of iPhone/iPod touch navigation/location applications elsewhere on the Web, which saves me from reinventing the wheel:

Also see TUAW on geocaching with an iPhone 3G.

There’s been some talk about problems with how the iPhone geotags its photos, particularly in terms of e-mailing and sending photos to Flickr; see Richard, Dan and this Flickr discussion.