A Map Exhibition in Arkansas

Maps: From Here to There and Then to Now is a map exhibition, running from August 10 to November 30, at the Old Independence Regional Museum in Batesville, Arkansas. The Searcy, Arkansas Daily Citizen has more:

Of special interest is an exhibition of Carter Yeatman’s Historic Arkansas map collection, which spans the years from 1821 through the 1860s and one dating circa 1920. Each map illustrates the beauty of early cartography and also shows how the boundaries of the state and its counties changed during those decades. …
Other displays include a geological map that shows the rocks and mineral strata and the Fayetteville Shale that is presently being drilled for gas, a Civil War map that shows company movements near Cord-Charlotte and a cemetery relocation map that details how cemeteries were moved before Greer’s Ferry Lake covered them. A tactile map of Batesville that can be used by a blind person is also displayed.