Flounder Lee

“Recently, my artwork has involved mapping in one form or fashion and I thought you might enjoy it,” Flounder Lee writes.

My work titled Self-Organized Mapping was all about mapping my life. I walked and photographed the yard where I grew up (big yard on a farm); it ended up looking like aerial photos which I appreciated. I also “mapped” my internet usage for 3 months, capturing all the images and putting them back down in linear format. Lastly, I showed all of my images from 2000-2005 in grids, each year to a page. I guess this was mapping my journeys, relationships, etc.

Flounder Lee 12

The next series I’ve been working on is about mapping the relationships between governments and indigenous tribes. In the first part of the body of work, I looked up treaties in the Library of Congress and mapped them on their actual locations. I would follow the borders and photograph at preset distances. The work was then put back down over the original map in a grid format (which I guess is becoming my thing at this point).

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