Map Collecting in India

This is interesting: an article about map collecting in India.

Sanjay Jain of RS Books and Prints, South Extension, that is famous for its collection of antique maps, says, “The love for maps is connected to the sense of discovery. It’s a real pleasure, for instance, to peruse a rare 18th century plan of the city you live in.” Getting your hands on a 16th or 17th century map is difficult, and even a small map costs Rs 5,000-10,000, while 18th and 19th century maps cost at least Rs 2,000-5,000. The map Indie Ancienne (1798-1802), for instance, which is just 13 by 17.5 inches costs Rs 10,000 and is the costliest in Aryan’s collection. A small map of 18th century Italy, with exquisite drawings of castles and people, also commands around Rs 10,000. Prices are jacked up if restoration is required.

You see this passage in a different light when you discover that 10,000 rupees comes to about $234. This isn’t exactly Graham Arader territory. Via GeoCarta.