Another Ping

Oh, hi. No, I’m still here. My contract — I’m now in the 12th month of a 10-week contract — finally wraps up this week, and the last few weeks have been crazy. Hence, not as much time or energy to post as originally forecast. But starting next month I will be returning full-time to the web, and not a moment too soon: I have a tremendous backlog of reviews to work on, plus a couple of new features to launch.

Other programming notes:

Apologies to Roger and Gordon for having your excellent comments land in the moderation queue; they have now been posted. I’m making a point of marking as trusted as many commenters as I can, which should bypass moderation. Tweaking the comment filters is yet another thing on my summer to-do list.

A minor redesign last night results in fewer ads on the site: ads are a necessary annoyance, but there’s not much point in annoying readers with ads that generate little revenue.