‘Mapping’ at the Discovery Center of Idaho

At the Discovery Center of Idaho in Boise until June 8, an exhibition called Mapping:

The goal of Mapping is to put mapping tools, from sextants to software, in the hands of visitors and let them explore the science and technology of mapping. From compasses to Google Earth, Mapping will show the developments in map making and the diversity of data that can be incorporated. Mapping will showcase a myriad of maps, such as; digital, printed, relief, overlays, topographical and many others. It will also explore the tools and techniques associated with mapping spanning from surveying to satellite. Ultimately, this exhibition will enable visitors to develop a deeper insight of how multifaceted the science of mapping is. Mapping is designed to be hands-on, encouraging engagement from our visitors and enabling them to experience the thrill of making discoveries.

The exhibiton has more than 20 interactive and hands-on exhibits. The Idaho Statesman has more; there’s also a press release (PDF) from last December (the show has been open since January).