Banks Map Included in Cook Collection Sale

A sale of the largest private collection of Cook memorabilia includes, as one of its highlights, the Banks Map, depicting Australia and New Zealand. Printed in 1772 in a run of only 100 copies, the map was privately done while the British Admiralty took its time reporting on Cook’s discoveries. The Sydney Morning Herald:

The so-called “Banks map” was engraved in 1772 on the orders of Sir Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander, the scientists on the Endeavour, soon after Cook returned triumphantly to London. Only one other copy has survived — a version printed on inferior paper held by the British Library.
“The Banks map shows, for the first time, the whole of Australia,” a director of Hordern House, Derek McDonnell, said.
“It is the first chart of the east coast of Australia to be published. It is the first identification of Australia as a continental entity. And it is the first full map of New Zealand. It is this map which sorts out [the geography of] the South Pacific.”