The World According to Newspapers

Australian; Daily Mail; blogosphere For a school dissertation (PDF), Nicolas Kayser-Bril has generated cartograms that “show the world through the eyes of editors-in-chief in 2007” — countries that received more coverage appear larger in these cartograms: see the original (in French) and the expanded English-language version.

Kayser-Bril concludes that online media is far less parochial, and that traditional newspapers “are highly selective in their coverage of world news. Looking at the three British dailies, editors favour countries that are bigger and more populous, but also closer to home and better developed. They also give more room to the countries of origin of British immigrants, especially if they are white (look at the size of Australia and New Zealand).”

At right, top to bottom: the Australian, the Daily Mail, and the blogosphere. The Wall Street Journal’s Numbers Guy critiques his methodology. Via Andrew Sullivan.