New Facebook Application: whereyougonnabe?

Yesterday, Peter Batty announced a new social-networking application that operates within Facebook: whereyougonnabe? In beta (naturally), this app lets you map your current and future activities and see what (and where) your friends are doing at the same time. The idea, apparently, is to see when you and your friends are in the same place, in a hey-look-we’re-both-in-Paris-that-weekend sort of way. See also Glenn’s post.

It looks like a good app, but the usual caveats regarding the network effect apply: the more people use it, the more useful this is; if no one you know uses it, it’s not much use at all. I would very much like to see integration with Facebook events, geotagging event addresses, but for all I know that may not be possible within the confines of the Facebook application space. Importing calendars would be a bonus, too: the fewer times I have to enter an event, the better. The Google Earth export is a nice touch, though.

Safari compatibility would also encourage me to use it more; they’re working on it.