Contour Lines and Other Stories: A Google Roundup

Google Maps contour lines, brazenly stolen from LatLong

Contour lines have been added to Google Maps’s terrain map layer, which adds its their usefulness (especially, for example, in a mountain context).

But it has some way to go before it’s a suitable replacement for a topo map; Chad notes that a lot of other details are not included: “One thing that is missing … where is the water? There should be two creeks going by the town.  Now while this is a ‘that is pretty to look at’ feature, this is not good for any serious use.  It is missing a lot of details and landmarks for hiking and biking. I would not use this beyond a basic reference.”

I will also note that the relief shading is a little pixellated at the zoom levels at which the contour lines appear.

In other, older Google Maps-related news that occurred over the past month or so and that I’m only getting to now: