About That All Points Blog/Daily Kos Thing

Apologies in advance for the inside baseball, but in light of the fracas that has developed over All Points Blog’s link to a map-related story on Daily Kos, a partisan Democratic blog, let me say the following:

  1. I saw the Daily Kos link on All Points Blog, and decided against posting it myself — not because I disagreed with its politics, but because I didn’t think it was very interesting, and wouldn’t be of interest to anyone who wasn’t a political junkie.
  2. If I see an interesting map story on a site whose politics I disagree with, I will quite likely post it anyway. I will link to left-leaning and right-leaning sites as appropriate. (I will say that there are some sites and philosophies I consider beyond the pale: Holocaust denial and neo-Nazism come to mind. But if a creationist site, for example, had an interesting map on it, I even as a staunch evolutionist would link to it. And then mock them silly.)
  3. Linking to a site does not constitute an endorsement.

James says people are being a little hard on the All Points Blog team. I think that’s an understatement.