Market Share

Market share (map web sites) In January, Hitwise reported on the relative market shares of the online map sites. MapQuest continued to lead with more than 50 percent of the market, with Google Maps second at 22 percent, and Yahoo and Microsoft trailing.

But, Hitwise says, Google is making gains, and MapQuest is declining: “A year ago, MapQuest had more than five times (429%) more U.S. visits than Google Maps. Last week [early January], that gap was down to 126%. … Traffic to MapQuest has remained flat year on year and is down 20% in the past 6 months. Google Maps traffic is up 135% year on year and is up 7% in the past 6 months.”

Those of us who live and breathe the Web like oxygen are, I think, surprised that MapQuest still has staying power; to hear us talk, the newer sites overtook it years ago. Via All Points Blog.

Market share (GPS) Meanwhile, and more recently, a ChangeWave survey conducted in February of the U.S. market gave Garmin a 56 percent share of the consumer GPS market, up four points from the previous month. Magellan was at 12 percent; TomTom at nine percent. The corporate market share numbers are similar.

Garmin, says the survey’s blog, “has now achieved near total domination of the U.S. marketplace,” but demand for consumer electronics is declining overall, so Garmin’s market dominance may only be a silver lining in a rather ominous cloud. Also via All Points Blog.