The Holy Grail of Geotagging

David Thulin is searching for a geotagging camera:

I have been looking far and wide for the tools needed for immediate and automatic geotagging of images taken. My quest took me through Yahoo! Answers, numerous searches through forums and gadget-sites — all without success.
The GE E1050 is what brought me to you — but, alas, we both seem to have come to the conclusion that although it comes close, it does not really do it.
Now — to put things clearly: is there, anywhere, a consumer/prosumer point and shoot camera which immediately embeds long/lat (and maybe even altitude) figures into the EXIF-data of images taken?

Now this is a good question. The only solutions I’m aware of are external devices that connect to cameras (such as Ricoh’s 500SE camera, which accepts such a module, the Jobo Photo GPS, or, for Nikon DSLRs, the GeoPic II or other options) or GPS loggers that embed the geodata when you get back to your computer. But an all-in-one option?