Blogs into Books

First came the BibliOdyssey book, a dead-tree compilation based on our friend PK’s excellent blog about archival images (some of which are maps, so I have no qualms about mentioning either blog or book; here’s the Amazon link for the book). It came out last fall, during my busy season, when I was least able to mention it.

Now the same thing is happening with Strange Maps, whose author has just announced the forthcoming Atlas of Strange Maps:

Although the Atlas will be based on the blog, it will not be a quick-and-dirty blogsploitation job. I’m selecting the best maps on the blog for the book, rewriting the entries to incorporate the many necessary corrections and helpful additions provided. I’m also looking for maps that have not appeared on the blog to be incorporated into the book. The Atlas of Strange Maps will be inspired by the eponymous blog, but will stand apart from it.

The author is currently selecting maps and tracking down copyright holders.

Not that either of these bloggers need my help in terms of publicity, but there it is.