Mapping the Iowa Caucus Results

There are many ways to map the results of the 2008 Democratic and Republican Iowa caucuses. Google’s map shows county outlines colour-coded to indicate the winning candidate, but does not show detailed results. Politico’s interactive map gives you county-by-county results as you hover your cursor over the map, but lacks the instant usefulness of a good choropleth map. And while the choropleth is among the best ways of doing a map of election results, when you have a dozen or so candidates you end up having to do a lot of maps. The Des Moines Register’s election results page allows you to toggle between the various maps at a click; one drawback is that the maps show a candidate’s place (e.g., 1st, 2nd), rather than raw votes or percentages.

Via Google LatLong, The Electoral Map, and Catholicgauze.

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