An Atlas of Radical Cartography

Drawing (on) Water in Los Angeles (excerpt) by Jenny Price, Jane Tsong, Ellen Sollod, Lize Mogel, DJ Waldie, Paul S. Kibel

The editors of An Atlas of Radical Cartography wrote in to promote their book. “An Atlas of Radical Cartography is a collection of 10 maps and 10 essays about social issues from globalization to garbage; surveillance to extraordinary rendition; statelessness to visibility; deportation to migration. It pairs artists, architects, and designers with writers to address the role of the map as a political agent. [It] makes an important contribution to a growing cultural movement that traverses the boundaries between art, cartography, geography and activism.” Physically, it’s an unusual product: 10 essays in the book, accompanied by 10 fold-out maps, all slipcased. Excerpts are available on their website, which should give you a sense of what they’re on about. An Atlas is also a travelling exhibition that is fortuitously in Chicago at the moment.

Update, Jan. 20: Catholicgauze reviews the book but does not share its politics: “The politics of the atlas are clearly leftist. … Those who favor Catholicgauze for President best stay away to avoid leftism combined with academic jargon. On the other hand, if post-Fordism and Hugo Chavez inhabit your dream world then there is something here for you to enjoy.”