Arno Peters Documentary

ODT Maps, the publisher (and chief promoter) of the Peters map (and general source of thought provocation about map projections and representationality), has produced a documentary about the map and Arno Peters. From the press release:

This fascinating 30-minute documentary explores the history of how the Peters Equal Area World Map came into being. The project was a collaborative effort between Ruth and her map-publisher son, Bob Abramms, founder of The movie took six years for them to complete. It was filmed on-location at Dr. Peters home in Bremen, Germany, as well as in Oxford, England, and a variety of locations in the USA. The film includes scenes from the West Wing TV show that featured the map and cartographic critiques that show the tension and conflict that the Peters map generated amongst the cartographic establishment. The film contains the only English-language interviews ever conducted with Arno Peters. Dr. Peters died in 2002, fifteen months after these interviews were filmed.

The film premieres in Brookline, Massachusetts, on November 10 and will be available on DVD. Previews are here.

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