Where 2.0 2007

The third annual Where 2.0 conference, O’Reilly’s get-together about geospatial and web mapping technologies, is now under way in San Jose, California. Glenn and Frank are at the conference, so be sure to check their blogs for updates, as well as the conference blog and O’Reilly Radar.

Last night there were a series of talks or product launches, each limited to five minutes, 17 in all. See O’Reilly Radar — before and after the event — as well as Google Earth Blog for the details.

As for today, there already have been some significant announcements that I will deal with in separate posts.

Entries about last year’s conference: Where 2.0 Begins Today; Where 2.0: Day One; Where 2.0: Day Two; Where 2.0 Final Roundup; OpenStreetMap at Where 2.0.