Shanghai Cracks Down on ‘Problem Maps’

The municipal government of Shanghai is cracking down on “problem” maps. Key grafs from an announcement that is the epitome of Commie turgidity:

[F]rom time to time, on maps that appeared in a variety of newspapers and periodicals, on TV and the Internet, in advertisements, stationery commodities, handicrafts, souvenirs, and tourist products, the boundaries of our country and our administrative regions are drawn incorrectly, some important islands, such as Diaoyu Islands, Chiwei Islands and the islands in South China Sea are left out, anamorphic maps are used at will, and maps are compiled and published in an illegal way. What’s more, such mistakes and illegal acts even appear in non-profit advertisements and textbooks and coaching materials for primary and middle school students, which not only infringes upon consumers’ interests but also is detrimental to the State’s interests, thus causing bad political influence. …
In case any news media or publication or production unit is found to be involved with “problem maps” that seriously violate laws and regulations, their leaders and staff workers concerned shall be prosecuted for liability according to law; and any units that do not carry out serious rectification after being penalized for “problem maps” that seriously violate the laws and regulations, or still involves themselves with “problem maps” after repeated penalties shall be severely punished according to law.

Via MapHist. Undated, so I’m not sure how recent this is. Possibly from last year.

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