In-Car Navigation Hurts a Car’s Resale Value

Still on the subject of in-car navigation systems, it turns out that these systems — which apparently cost something like $2,000 — actually increase a car’s depreciation, according to an article in USA Today. As Autoblog points out, “It makes perfect sense if you try to use some of the integrated nav setups in one- or two-year old used cars out there.” Consumer electronics go obsolete a lot faster than cars: I drive a ’98 Mazda Protegé, but I wouldn’t want to have to use the computer I used in 1998 — a Thinkpad with a 150-MHz Pentium (I’ve gone through five computers since then). Last year GPS Tracklog recommended buying an aftermarket unit, which is cheaper, portable, upgradable and, of course, replaceable. All Points Blog, GeoThought, GPS Tracklog.