Mapping African Exploration

At Princeton University Library’s Department of Rare Books and Special Collections from April 15 to October 21, an exhibition of African maps called To the Mountains of the Moon: Mapping African Exploration, 1541-1880:

The library exhibition will feature some of the most historically significant maps of Africa by major cartographers such as Sebastian Müenster, Abraham Ortelius, Willem Janszoon Blaeu and Vincenzo Coronelli. The show will have a particular focus on the journeys of missionary David Livingstone, adventurer Sir Richard Francis Burton and journalist Henry Morton Stanley. Exhibition cases also will cover the expeditions of two dozen of the other most noted European explorers in Africa, including Sir Samuel White Baker, Heinrich Barth, James Bruce, René Caillié, Mungo Park and John Hanning Speke.

Via Map History/History of Cartography.