French First-Round Presidential Election Results

Results of the first round of the French presidential elections are usually presented by département. The official results, from the French Interior Ministry, are available here as well as via a Google Earth layer, about which see RenaLId. (Change Layers to “All Layers” to see it, under Primary Database — as Frank and Stefan discovered, it’s not always available by default. Where’s a KML link?)

With so many candidates, mapping these results can be complicated: the map Catholicgauze presents shows who won each département, but when the frontrunner only receives 31 per cent of the vote, that approach omits a lot of underlying support and overstates the extent of each win. (François Bayrou won 18 per cent of the vote, but only one of 90-plus départements.) France has no electoral college: presidential races are strictly proportional. We need more data. Le Monde’s map breaks the results down by National Assembly constituencies, which gives a bit more granularity, but what I really want is choropleth maps, which would show us not only who won in a département or circonscription, but also where their relative strengths are. RFI provides such maps for the two frontrunners, Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal, but not for the rest of the field.

Any other maps of these results?