A GPS News Roundup: Car Navigation Security, Robust Surface Navigation, Solar Flares

Security experts — who, to be fair, have an interest in crying wolf — warn that hackers can use off-the-shelf equipment to send messages to car navigation systems using the FM channel for traffic and weather data. Remember: if your satnav system says “Im in ur dashboard, cleanin mai harbl,” you’ve probably been hacked. Do not drive off the cliff. All Points Blog, Slashdot.

Who needs GPS? Boeing is leading a project to develop a “Robust Surface Navigation” system that draws upon various terrestrial signals — such as cell towers — to provide location information when the GPS signals are jammed. Engadget, Slashdot.

But what could jam GPS? How about a solar flare? Last December, solar flares were observed to put out a huge radio burst that caused GPS receivers on the sunlit side of the Earth to lose tracking. CNet News, GeoCarta.