Three More Blogs; Directory Update

First, three more map/geospatial blogs for you:

  • Free GeoTools by Leszek Pawlowicz, which started in January; points to (mostly Windows) software tools and data sources; covers quite a bit of ground, actually.
  • Hablandodesigs by Juan Manuel Uribe Medina, a Mexican GIS programmer; in Spanish; started last October.
  • Technical Ramblings, a GIS blog with a focus on open source and the web; been around for a while.

Second, I made some updates to the directory yesterday:

  • I’ve removed blogs that haven’t been updated in six months. (I’ll keep pruning inactive or dead links from the directory.)
  • In addition to the directory’s RSS feed, which tracks recent additions, there is also now a subscription list in OPML format — something I’ve been meaning to do since last August. Only sites with RSS feeds are included in the OPML listing.
  • Some minor design and style changes.

I’m always interested in hearing about new map and geospatial blogs, so be sure tell me about any I’ve missed.