Audio: Kim Martineau on Forbes Smiley

Kim Martineau Kim Martineau is the Hartfort Courant reporter whose first-rate coverage of the Forbes Smiley map theft case was the subject of many of my posts; since Smiley’s sentencing last fall, she’s been speaking about her experiences covering the case (see previous entry). She spoke to the Washington Map Society last November, the New York Map Society on March 10 — and, on February 26, at Simmons College, where her presentation was recorded and is now available in MP3 format. Her talk, with questions afterward, runs 42 minutes. It’s an interesting talk — I was surprised to learn, for example, that she got the tip about Smiley’s arrest (which otherwise had not drawn much media attention) through her newspaper’s publisher, who himself is a map collector. Via MapHist.

Photo credit: American Library Association Student Chapter at Simmons College.