50 Antique Maps Stolen in Pennsylvania

You didn’t think we were done with the map thievery just because Forbes Smiley is in the big house, did you? Antique Trade Mark reports that 50 antique maps went missing from a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania rare book store some time in early to mid-February.

The total value of the maps amounted to nearly $20,000. Most of the maps were copperplate engravings from the 18th and early 19th centuries, with a few exceptions dating as early as the 1580s and as late as the middle to latter parts of the 19th century. All of these maps should be considered uncommon within the general antique trade, and several unusual enough to warrant attention within the smaller circle of antique map specialists.

Mark lists some of the highlights; a full list of stolen maps is forthcoming in Antique Trader. Via MapHist (credit: Tony Campbell).

Update, March 4: Here is the list of stolen maps.