DePaul Exhibition: Imperial Cartographies

At the art museum in DePaul University’s Richardson Library (in Chicago) until March 18, an exhibit called Imperial Cartographies: Power, Strategy, and Scientific Discovery, which, according to the DePaulia article, “will trace how the world views power and geopolitics, the planet and each other through cartography and geospatial visualizations such as satellite imagery and Geographic Information Systems.”

[T]he exhibition displays a seven-volume “Atlas Historique,” which is geographical data collected by the Dutch East Indies Trading Company for the Indonesian archipelago in 1596. A map by Stephen Smith introduces the 20th Century into telegraphy, intercontinental governance, and urban modernity. Later in the century, cartographies were used as political propaganda for the Nazi war and against the Axis Powers. Scientific instruments used for navigation and mapping will also be on display. All contributions of maps, globes and imagery are from the Adler Planetarium, Newberry Library and other sources.