Virtual Earth 3D Roundup

Reactions to, and follow-up stories about, yesterday’s announcement of Microsoft’s Virtual Earth 3D thingy (previously):

The AP story focuses on the Microsoft vs. Google implications of this release (via MapHist).

In that vein, Frank Taylor at Google Earth Blog says, noting the specific system and browser requirements (IE 6 or 7, plugin, Windows XP SP2), “I don’t really see this as a big threat to Google Earth.”

Chandu Thota notes that the 3D version of Virtual Earth/WLL uses the same API as the 2D version.

James Fee has a bunch of quick posts about this: a first look with screencaps, advertising, only one window at a time, comparing the eye candy with Google Earth, and, um, Camden Yards.

Map GIS News Blog Etc. Etc. has a couple of posts on the announcement and using it in a London context (looking at the UI and the imagery).

Virtual Earth 3D made the CBS News, the WLL/Virtual Earth blog reports. Note, please, that Microsoft product getting on TV isn’t exactly groundbreaking.