Theft Roundup: Yale Security Measures; European Libraries

Yale University is considering a series of new library security measures following three (!) reviews set into motion by the Forbes Smiley case, Yale Daily News reports (not Safari-compatible). Among other things, reading rooms will be videotaped and cataloguing and internal communications will be improved. You may recall that after a thorough inventory, Yale identified 78 maps that were missing but not admitted to by Smiley. Previously: Reese Donates $100K to Yale for Map Digitization; Yale Issues Statement About Smiley Investigation; Yale’s Missing Maps; Forbes Smiley Case: Fallout at Yale’s Beinecke Library.

Meanwhile, of related interest but not explicitly about maps, this Times story about internal thefts at European libraries — in particular, the case of Reinhold K. and Ludwig M., a night porter and bookseller who will go on trial next month for stealing biology texts from the University of Erlangen.

Both links via Tony Campbell on MapHist.