Mediocre Media Mid-Term Mapping

Congressional results (CNN) It will probably be a while before the really interesting maps of the 2006 U.S. mid-term elections begin manifesting themselves. In the meantime, we must make do with some surprisingly basic choropleth maps for the Senate and gubernatorial races, and, sometimes, no maps at all for the House of Representatives. Konquest Online rates five of the media’s offerings (via Slashgeo). As is often the case, the New York Times’s efforts are above average; a cartogram is used for the House. County maps are also provided in Senate seats at least. CNN uses a more traditional map to represent the House seats, but the maps are small; tables are front and centre. ABC’s maps are in that vein: choropleth for state-wide races, tables for the House. (Glenn isn’t impressed with their use of Google Earth on TV, either.) MSNBC uses a pushpin-based Virtual Earth/Live Local mashup, with predictably pushpin results.

So, not much to write home about yet. But if the 2004 U.S. elections were any indication, the most interesting maps will come later, and from non-media sources. Send me your links to the best of them.