BPL’s List of Missing Maps

The Boston Public Library has released a list of maps classified as missing from the Leventhal Map Center. According to yesterday’s press release, the list has been released now that Forbes Smiley has been sentenced.

[T]he Boston Public Library is releasing this list in an effort to aid in the recovery of missing map materials throughout the scholarly community. Anyone who has information about, or knows the location of, any of these maps is asked to please notify Ronald E. Grim, Curator of Maps, Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library.

There’s no web page for the list, so I’m reprinting it after the jump. Via MapHist.

Meanwhile, see John Woram’s Missing Maps page, a compilation of the lists of missing maps from several libraries. Also via MapHist.

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Update, 11/16: Boston Globe coverage (via MapHist).

Boston Public Library — Missing Antiquarian Maps
  1. Champlain, Samuel de. Les voyages … (Paris, 1613).
    1. “Carte geographique de la Nouvelle Franse faictte (large map originally in two parts)
    2. “Carte geographique de la Nouvelle Franse in sonvray monclin.”
  2. Composite atlas entitled [Collection of Old Maps].  2 volumes of maps published primarily in the late 17th century by various authors including DeWitt, Visscher, Bleau, and Lea.  Hand written table of contents indicates the geographic area of the maps, but usually does not include precise titles or authors.
    1. Vol. 2, Map 136, New England, New York, etc.
    2. Vol. 2, Map 144, New Jersey in America.
  3. Dablon, Claude. Relation … des peres de la Compagne de Jesus en la Nourvelle France (Paris, 1673).
    1. Missing map opposite p. 110, “Lac Superieur et autres lieux ou sont les Missions de Peres de la Compagne des Jesus.”
  4. Des Barres, Joseph F.W.  The Atlantic Neptune (London, 1777). Seven plates are missing from three of the five volumes.
    1. Vol. 1, part 2 is missing no. 62, “View of Plaister Cliffs.”
    2. Vol. 2, part 2 is missing no. 57, “Nantucket Island.”
    3. Vol. 2, part 3, is missing five items:
      • no. 68, “Charlestown, the capital of South Carolina.”
      • no. 72, “A Plan of the harbor of St. Augustine.”
      • no. 73, “The northeast shore of the Gulph of Mexico.”
      • no. 74, “Gulph of Mexico.”
      • no. 75, “A Chart of the bay and harbour of Pensacola.”
  5. De Bry, Theodore. Collections, Segunda Editio, volumes 6-7 (6 parts).
    1. Part 1 is missing John Whites’s map of Virginia.
    2. Part 2 is missing map of Florida.
    3. Part 4 is missing map of the West Indies.
  6. Dudley, Robert. Dell’ Arcano del Mare … (Florence, 1646).
    1. vol. 1, book 2, map no. [10], “Carte seconda generale del America” (Florida to St. Lawrence Gulf).
  7. English Pilot, Fourth Book (London, 1737).
    1. no. [1], “A new and accurate chart shewing the variations of the compass in the Western & Southern oceans as observed in ye year 1700 by … Edm. Hailey.”
    2. no. [2], ” A new and correct chart of the north part of America from New Found Land to Hudsons Bay.”
  8. Evans, Lewis. Geographical, Historical, Political …Essays (Philadelphia, 1755).
    1. “A General map of the Middle British Colonies in America …”
  9. Jefferson, Thomas. Notes on the State of Virginia (London, 1787).
    1. “A Map of the country between Albemarle Sound and Lake Erie, comprehending the whole of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pensylvania …”
  10. Jefferys, Thomas. A General Topography of North America (London, 1768).
    1. Map no. 25, “A Plan of the City of New York and its Environs  …” surveyed by John Montresor.
    2. Map no. 29, “East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia,” by George Heap and Nicholas Scull.
  11. Lederer, John. The Discoveries of John Lederer (London, 1672).
    1. Map opposite title page, “A Map of the Whole Territory Traversed by John Lederer in his Three Marches.”
  12. Lootsman, Theunis Jacobsz and Jacob & Casparus. The Lightning Columne or Sea Mirrour (English text, 1678).
    1. Map W15, “De Noord oost zyde van Yerlandt van Caap de Hoorn tot aen Hedehde” [northeast side of Ireland].
  13. Lopez y Vargas, Tomas. [Collection of maps …,  Madrid, 1770s].
    1. Map no. 4, “Mapa de Africa,” according to hand written table of contents.
  14. The Massachusetts Magazine, vol. 4 (1792).
    1. Opposite p. 283, “Plan of the City of Washington.”
  15. Moll, Herman. The World Described (London, 1708-1760,  second copy).
    1. Map no. 8, “A New and Exact Map of the Dominions of the King of Great Britain on ye continent of North America …”
  16. Norman, William. [The American Pilot (Boston, ca. 1798)].
    1. no. [2], “A New and General Chart of the West Indies.”
  17. Norman, William. The American Pilot (Boston, 1798).
    1. no. [1], “Chart of Nantucket Shoals.”
    2. no. [5], “New and Accurate Chart of the Bay of Chesapeake.”
    3. no. [7], “Chart of New England from South Shoal to Cape Sable.”
    4. no. [8], [Chart of Coast of Maine].
  18. Purchas, Samuel. [Purchas his Pilgrimes], (5 volumes).
    1. “Virginia” (p. 1692).
    2. “Nova Scotia” (p. 1874).
  19. Seller, John. Atlas Maritimus (London, 1672).
    1. Map no. 30, “A Chart of the West Indies from Cape Cod to the river Oronoque.”
  20. Speed John. The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain (London, 1676).
    1. Leaves 9-10, “America.”

Prepared by Ronald E. Grim, Curator of Maps, Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library, 11/1/06.