Another Virtual Earth 3D Roundup

Links regarding the Virtual Earth 3D launch last week have been piling up in my files; time once more to clear out the queue and share them with you.

Brian Flood takes a good look at some of Virtual Earth 3D’s details (controls, API, file format).

Pace Frank Taylor’s initial dismissiveness, he posts some impressions after using it for a few hours.

James Fee looks at the 3D models outside the U.S., and notes that their appearance in aerial or hybrid mode only leads to some interesting results when only low-resolution imagery is available.

A localization bug prevents Virtual Earth 3D from running on computers “with regional settings specifying a numeric format that used commas instead of decimal points.” Sigh.

Stefan Geens does a comparative review with Google Earth, in considerable detail.

More media coverage from Newsweek, which gives some background on Virtual Earth 3D’s development (including the acquisition of Vexcel). Via All Points Blog.

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