2006 Mid-term Election Map Roundup

The Library of Congress has a map of the congressional districts for 2006. Via MapHist.

Much attention is being paid to Ottawa County, Michigan, for providing maps of real-time election results through its GIS and County Clerk offices. IE only, unfortunately, so I can’t see them. Catholicgauze, James Fee, Very Spatial.

The Party Affiliation Map mashes up polling, precinct and other data from Leon County, Florida using Map.Net Server 2007. IE/Firefox. Via Via Virtual Earth.

Episode 68 of A Very Spatial Podcast has electoral geography as its topic.

Roundups of election maps online: Catholicgauze (Part One), Catholicgauze (Part Two), Geospatial Semantic Web Blog.

More when, you know, we actually have some results come in.

Previously: Google Earth U.S. Election Layers.