“Discriminav” is a dark bit of humour from Talkshow with Spike Feresten:

Via GPS Tracklog. This skit is teh funny, but what it describes is also totally possible: all you’d need to do is mash up census data with driving directions.

In the same vein, Charlie White writes on Gizmodo that this isn’t quite farfetched. “Honestly, aren’t there some areas of your town you’d rather not drive through in the middle of the night?” he asks. “Our GPS system proposed a route through the most crime-ridden area of a large American city at 1 AM last weekend, and we were wishing our GPS unit were aware of crime statistics. Maybe Discriminav is not that far from a real product after all. Behind comedy lies at least some truth.” Leaving aside, of course, the too-common conflation of crime, class and race.