A Letter to Gary Lunn

In the spirit of Maps for Canadians’s letter-writing campaign to overturn the Canadian government’s decision to stop producing topo maps (see previous entry), I have written my own letter to Minister of Natural Resources Gary Lunn. (More effective to write your own than to use a campaign’s template, I think.) It’s available here (PDF). I’ve also sent copies to my own MP and the three opposition Natural Resources critics. I decided it was appropriate to mail a paper copy in this case (I suspect that letters are more effective than e-mail), so the letter won’t arrive before Tuesday at the earliest; you get to see it first.

I know a little bit about ministerial correspondence offices and have no illusions that this letter will actually be read by the minister, but it will be interesting to see what answers — if any — I get from his office or from the other members of parliament. I’d like something pinned down at the political level; so far in this debate, we’ve only heard from bureaucrats.

I’ll post any answers I receive.