Prosecutors File Brief, Explain Smiley’s Motives

Attorneys for the British Library and Forbes Smiley have made their submissions regarding Smiley’s upcoming sentencing; now it’s the prosecution’s turn. In their sentencing brief today, prosecutors explained Smiley’s motives for stealing nearly 100 maps, the Associated Press’s John Christoffersen reports:

“He explained that his initial thefts were acting out of resentment toward persons at certain institutions that he believed had wronged him, individuals who he believed had slighted him or used certain of his research without accreditation,” prosecutors wrote. “Other thefts he explained resulted from some misguided sense of entitlement to the maps because he had, through collectors, provided better versions of the same map to the institution. He also acknowledged that stealing maps was profitable and he had mounting debts.”

Smiley’s sentencing is now scheduled for October 13 (Update: Or maybe the federal part is still next Wednesday; see this comment).

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Update, 10:10 PM: Tomorrow’s edition of the Vineyard Gazette covers both the prosecution’s and defence’s submissions.