Forbes Smiley Asks for Leniency

In the wake of the British Library’s submission calling for a stiffer sentence than called for by the guidelines, Forbes Smiley’s attorney is asking for leniency, the Associated Press reports. Specifically, he’s asking for three years, rather than the five to six years suggested by the guidelines and the up-to-eight years asked for by the British Library.

“It is our view that he has cooperated honestly, openly and thoroughly,” Smiley’s attorney, Richard Reeve, wrote. “He made a decision almost immediately to assist in the investigation and attempted throughout to aid the government in whatever way possible and to help retrieve as many of the maps as possible. To reach that goal, he had to admit to conduct that would have never been uncovered.”

But here’s the kicker:

Smiley admitted to taking two more maps only a few weeks ago, Reeve said. The court papers do not provide any details about those maps.

Hmm. That he was not previously forthcoming about those two extra maps hurts the credibility of his argument that he’s been cooperative; it also lends credence to the British Library’s accusation, yet to be supported by hard evidence, that he stole more maps than he’s admitting to.

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Update, Sept. 24: Harvard Crimson coverage.