Will Flickr Get In-House Geotagging?

For those of us who have our photos on Flickr, geotagging tools that integrate with that photo-hosting service are, of course, of considerable interest (see previous entry). But, given that Yahoo! owns Flickr now and also has a respectable mapping service, one might wonder why Yahoo!/Flickr hasn’t offered an in-house geotagging solution — yet. Today, though, there comes word that such a solution may be in the offing, as two separate Flickr users — Brad77 and James — stumbled across mapping features in Flickr that inadvertently revealed themselves. There’s even a screenshot. Geotagging will apparently be a drag-and-drop affair. More: FlickrCentral; Geobloggers (Rev Dan Catt, who developed the original Geobloggers, now works at Flickr); TechCrunch.