On Vacation; Site Updates

I’m on vacation as of tomorrow, and will be for a couple of weeks. As is typical for me, I’ll continue to post new entries as I’m able to do so — it just won’t be at the same frenetic rate it has been these past few months. I’ll be offline for a couple of days here and there as well, so things that need looking after (e-mail, outages, comment spam, advertising requests) will have to wait until I’m in front of a keyboard again.

Meanwhile, I’ve been making a few changes here and there:

The Map Site Directory has been overhauled: it’s now running on Movable Type (rather than being coded by hand), which should make it easier to maintain. It also allows for an RSS feed of new listings; a subscription list in OPML format is on my to-do list. I also pruned some listings: dead sites and inactive blogs — the latter I defined as blogs that haven’t seen a new entry in three months (for example, what the hell happened to GeoCarta?).

The contact page has been redone as well, partly to consolidate three separate contact pages (general, link submission and questions), partly to address the overwhelming spam sent through those pages, and partly to add frequently asked questions and inquiries that I’m trying to discourage.

Also, I’ve moved e-mail subscriptions (see previous entry) to a new subscribe page, and added RSS information there as well.

Other than that, some minor stylistic changes here and there, including a slightly expanded footer.