Macworld reviews Meander 1.2, a $20 Mac application (it’s nagware) that presents an oblique solution to a common problem: drawing routes on online maps. It works on the premise — one that many of us could confirm anecdotally — that people print out a map and then draw their directions on it, rather than, say, using the APIs to draw the lines within the online mapping service. Meander presents a tranlucent window to position over another application window, such as a web page opened to MapQuest or Google Maps or a scanned image of a topo map. You draw in Meander’s overlay window, and it combines the two windows as a single image for printing or exporting in JPEG format. You can even mark the scale and calculate distances, which differentiates it from simply using a layers-based image editor. A one-trick pony, but that’s some trick.