Give Geography Its Place

GGIP logo Speaking of geographic literacy, David Rayner wrote to tell us about Give Geography Its Place, a grassroots campaign to give geography a higher profile in the UK, and to call it geography, damn it:

We are a group of UK-based geography teachers that feel geography and geographers are both undervalued and to a certain extent ignored by the media in the UK. We have started a grass-roots campaign (“Give Geography its Place” or simply GGiP) to try and raise the profile of geography on tv, in newspapers, on the internet, in advertising and so on. As part of the campaign we have started a petition to show support for what we are doing and we are keen that people from the UK and indeed from across the world join the petition and tell us why they think geography is important and/or why they love geography. One of the key current reasons of course, is that people love maps!

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