Flickr Adds Geotagging

As anticipated, Flickr has launched an in-house geotagging system. It uses a map-based user interface rather than tags applied by one of the many third-party geotagging hacks, and it does so from within the Organizr. There are video tutorials on how to geotag your photos and how to search for geotagged photos.

I’m off to try this out; I hadn’t gotten around to trying any of the geotagging services before I’d heard that this was coming, and I’ve been waiting for it since then. I’ll let you know what happens.

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Update, 5:10 PM: Works nicely. I particularly like how it groups nearby photos together as you zoom out — instead of “3” and “5” overlapping one another, you get “8”. A problem for me (in particular) was the lack of high-resolution imagery where I’ve been taking pictures: it’s a lot easier to pinpoint the locations if you can see them clearly.

Update, 6:30 PM: Just noticed that you can click on a popup map image from the sidebar of the photo’s page. Also nice.