Where 2.0: Day One

Reports from across the geospatial blogosphere on day one — yesterday — of the Where 2.0 conference (see previous entry):

All Points Blog: “These first sessions are not really about the future of mapping. … Where is about local search and more correctly about social networking using location technology.”

Ed Parsons is struck by “the number of innovative companies which have based their business propositions on building on the Google Maps API. Many of these applications seem to be totally reliant on the continued availability of a mapping platform which abstracts all the complexity of managing constantly changing geospatial databases of hundreds of gigabytes of information to a simple JavaScript API. While this continues to be the case everybody is happy — the bear is asleep … but I got the distinct impression that things may be beginning to change.”

Mix-ins vs. Mashups: Search Engine Watch covers the Virtual Earth/Live Local keynote. Via Chandu Thota.

See also Google Earth Blog’s notes from day one, Where 2.0 Conference News, many recent posts on O’Reilly Radar, and yesterday’s posts from Wired’s Monkey Bites and, as I mentioned before, Anything Geospatial.

Photos from Where 2.0 are being posted to Flickr: here are Glenn’s; here are C.S.’s; and here are James Duncan Davidson’s official photos.

Update: Very Spatial podcast of day one.

Photo credit: James Duncan Davidson/O’Reilly Media