Google Roundup: Geo Developer Day Recap; Geotagging in Picasa

A look back on Google’s Geo Developer Day on Monday, with some additional links on the subject.

For summaries of the event, look at these reports from MacWorld and Search Engine Watch.

The Google Maps API Blog discusses the new geocoding feature.

On Geography 2.0, Alan Glennon takes a look at the KML-in-Google-Maps feature here and here.

Meanwhile, Google has announced an extension to their Picasa photo-management software, Picasa Web Albums. What Google doesn’t mention, though, but which Stefan and Frank have picked up, is that you will apparently be able to geotag Picasa photos from within Google Earth, which sounds neat.

And on a personal note, my new Intel Core Duo iMac arrived yesterday; the Mac version of Google Earth is insanely fast on it. (Of course, I upgraded from a G4 iMac, so there ought to be an improvement; but it’s not like my Internet connection changed.) I haven’t tested the new version 4.0 beta on the old hardware — is it faster than version three?

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Photo credit: spanaut