Forbes Smiley Case: Court Documents

Thanks to Tony Campbell, I’ve acquired copies of the following court documents related to Forbes Smiley’s guilty plea last Thursday (see previous entry):

  • The single-count indictment to which Smiley pled guilty (two pages, 28 KB);
  • The full text of the plea agreement (13 pages, 140 KB);
  • Exhibit A, a table listing the 97 maps Smiley admits to stealing, their owners, and whether they’ve been recovered — five are listed as not recovered, five are listed as unrecoverable, the rest have been returned (six pages, 67 KB); and
  • Exhibit B, a table listing the 18 maps that the prosecutor could prove Smiley stole without his cooperation, along with their owners, whether they’ve been recovered (one not, two unrecoverable) and — differently — the government’s estimated value of those maps (one page, 18 KB).

The documents are PDF files.