MapCruncher is this new thing from Microsoft Research that uses the Virtual Earth API (I guess it’s Virtual Earth for the technology, Windows Live Local for the online mapping site) to integrate your own maps into their system:

Once you get familar with the tool, it will take you about ten minutes to crunch a new map. Just find 5 to 10 corresponding landmarks on your map and on Virtual Earth, and MapCruncher will register your map to the global coordinate system, warp it to fit a Mercator projection, and generate a set of image tiles that can be seamlessly mashed up with VE’s standard road or aerial imagery. It even makes a sample HTML page to show you how to use your mashed-up map.

Windows XP or Server 2003, with the .NET 2.0 runtime. Sounds neat; the gallery of examples doesn’t show up in Safari. More from the press release. Via Scobleizer; see also Anything Geospatial.