Map Tattoos

On new mapping blog atlas(t), Claire Light has a neat post about map tattoos:

Unfortunately, subsequent repeated google searches didn’t turn up any other map tattoos, treasure or otherwise. What they did turn up were:
1) instances of people using map tattoos as plot furtherers in movies and prose fiction
2) a lot of claims of map tattoos on discussion boards, but with no photos
3) instructions on how to get to the next level of a computer game
4) a dream of discovering a map tattoo on one’s abdomen
What does this say about us, that we use tattoos of maps in fiction, that we dream of being tattooed by maps, that we claim tattoos of maps in discussions of self and identity. There’s something here about personalizing something by having it imprinted on your body permanently; and there’s something here about mapping as control — or being controlled.

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