Major Windows Live Local Update

Windows Live Local got a major update today; see the official blog for an overview of what they call “the biggest release yet of Windows Live Local.”

The update includes real-time traffic data (the TechCrunch post covering the launch has an example and comparison with Yahoo!’s service) and, according to CNet, European coverage and bird’s-eye images for the UK — and supposedly Canada too, though that’s not mentioned elsewhere. Detail is apparently improved around the world; more as I hear about it.

Ed, Frank and Stefan are raving about the quality of the British imagery, which they consider superior to that in Google Maps/Earth.

Other Windows Live Local improvements include user collections and an upgraded API.

Still doesn’t work in Safari, though.

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Update, May 25, 8:10 AM:

  • There’s also an Outlook plugin that, among other things, features “automatic time buffering on calendar appointments based on travel time.”
  • James notes that the Phoenix area still suffers from the dated black-and-white aerial photography.