Feed Problems

As Hugo has noticed, there is a problem with The Map Room’s RSS feeds: yesterday they stopped updating properly, and starting yesterday and continuing today you may receive an error when trying to retrieve the feed. The problem is at Feedburner’s end, and is detailed here. Hopefully they’ll be able to rectify the problem soon; you’ll know it’s fixed when this entry appears in the feed.

Meanwhile, the rest of the site is unaffected, and new entries will continue to appear in the meantime. Only problem is, you won’t know about that if you rely (as I do) on RSS feeds to learn about site updates.

Update, 5:20 PM: The problem could be my hosting provider blacklisting Feedburner; I’ve e-mailed to ask what’s up.

Update, 5:55 PM: We seem to be back, though I’m not yet sure why.